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Moroccan Exfoliating bath glove


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Moroccan exfoliating bath glove


The Moroccan Hammam is known for having magic rituals that makes it a unique experience for the body and soul. We love using natural ingredients such as henna, black soap, roses, lavender, that help to exfoliate our body with the ultimate Moroccan Exfoliating Glove, the “Keess”.

To have the best results with the Keess, have a nice warm shower or bath, use soap or for a better experience you can use Black Moroccan Soap, lather the preferred choice of soap on your body for some minutes, using warm water will help your skin get ready for the exfoliation, leave the soap for two to five minutes, clean your body with warm water, and now for the best part, use the Keess by adding just a small bit of soap and then you can start exfoliating with it slowly 🙂

You will feel clean, relaxed and happy after this beautiful experience 🙂

PS : available in five colours, you can send a note if you have a preferred colour


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Moroccan Exfoliating bath glove


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